Post Operative Care

1. Can a person sit with his legs crossed after the knee replacement.

Certainly Yes. No tissues in the joints are damaged during Uni-condylar (UKR) operation. Hence the patient can sit with his legs crossed, sit on his legs, after folding it, and can perform daily routine work, jogging and even run at a slow speed and take part in sports.

As a result of advancement in Science and Technology, high quality replacement joints are available today, enabling a patient with a total knee replacement to move freely like a healthy man. Although, a patient with a total knee replacement can sit the way he like - sitting with cross legs etc., it is recommended to avoid this as far as possible, as these increases the damage and weight on the knee joints seven to eight folds. Young patients are specifically advised not to sit with his legs crossed, after total knee replacement, as these can damage the joints and affect the life of the joints.
2. Excessive use of stair case should be avoided.
3. Consult the Doctor immediately if you find any sort of infection in your body like tooth decay, throat infection, skin problems, urine infection or any other sort of problems after knee replacement.
4. Exercise daily as per the direction of the Doctor
5. Reduce excessive weight, if any.
6. Keep watch on your diet 
7. Avoid running or jumping and sports activities.
Our Patients Speak!

I was almost retired and handicapped due to unbearable pain in the joints. Dr Bhalodiya Sahib has operated upon me and replaced partial knee. Today I am running my Factory and work for 12 hours a day.

                                                                   Mahesh Parikh, Industrialist, Ahmedabad

I was in London and tired of taking steroid injection for problems with painful knees and folded legs. After the surgery, I went home on my legs
                                                                   Urmilaben Patel, London
I was unable to sleep and spent my three months on chair due to hip and knee problems. After the surgery, I am normal.
                                                                   Lalitaben Parmar, Cairo Egypt