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Prof. Dr. H.P. Bhalodiya

Dr. H.P. Bhalodiya - Orthopedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad IndiaProfessor and Orthopedic Surgeon

With an experience of performing more than 12000 total joint replacements which includes, replacement of the hip, knee, elbow and shoulder joints and revision of hip and knee joints and also "High Flex" total knee replacement, gender specific knee replacement for females, large dia hip replacement to get full range of movement without any restrictions, I am here to do the best for the patients suffering from joint ailments.

My recent experience includes "Unicondylar Knee Replacement" which is most cost effective and result oriented surgery, for the early osteoarthritis of knee joints.

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The knee is the largest joint in the body. A healthy knee moves easily, allowing you to walk, turn, and squat without pain. A complex network of bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and tendons work together to make a knee flexible.

knee replacement surgery india ahmedabad

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hip replacement surgery ahmedabad india

A painful hip can severely affect your ability to lead a full and active life. Over the last twenty five years, major advancements in hip replacement have improved the outcome of this very common surgery greatly.

The hip joint is one of the true ball and socket joints of the body. The hip socket is called the acetabulum and actually forms a deep cup that surrounds the ball of the upper thigh bone or femoral head.


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Thursday Dec. 22, 2011
Pioneer in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery (JRS) in Gujarat.

Performed more than 10000 operations in different fields (Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Elbow)

Wide experience in the field of difficult cases and in revision of JRS and in the field of all related Orthopedic surgeries

Excellent experience of more than 30,000 surgeries including Trauma, Spine and Cold Orthopedic

Joint Replacement for Knee Arthritis


Joint Replacement for Hip Arthritis


Joint Revision Surgery